0013 "Make Them Talk"

    Talk therapy and antidepressants have worked wonders for our us, who between them boast a variety of diagnoses like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, codependency, depression, and general anxiety. In this episode we retrace our respective journeys into talk therapy as adults. As Neal puts it:

    "Talking is something that I've always been super comfortable with. I've always been a, I guess, a good extemporaneous speaker like something I know about. I'll go and I will wear you out talking about it. And I love arguing it's part of my personality, I guess. So what I couldn't do is articulate how I felt about things. It was all intellect and even a couple times that I'd started doing talk therapy, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists would even tell me like, okay, you're intellectualizing this, you're not actually in touch with how you feel. This is just all like, conceptual to you. And that was a way of protecting myself."

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    In typical Hoosier Illusion fashion, this episode's title contains multiple related references, calling back to the name of a split Ryan's band Burn It Down released with Chicago's Racetraitor. The title itself was pulled from a lyric in the song, "Every Man's Got A Devil," which was itself a reference to one of Ryan's favorite movies, "The Crow."

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