0014 "Kill Their Idols of The White Messiah"

    race traitor

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    This week Neal and Ryan talk about their respective journeys as Indiana youngsters learning about racial justice, white supremacy, and activism, through hip-hop, hardcore and punk, skinhead culture, and lots o' book-learnin'. They discuss the idea that "treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity," as espoused by the late author and historian Noel Ignatiev, who passed away earlier this month, and the band named after his ideas, Racetraitor

    The Atlantic reported on the Circle City's history with school desegregation, explaining that "a decision more than four decades old continues to haunt Indianapolis's education system while almost everything else in the government is unified" in Racial Bias and the Crumbling of a City.

    It's hard emotional work to have frank discussions about white supremacy, but, as Neal says in this episode:

    "once you feel your feels, come to the understanding that as the beneficiary of institutionalized racism, of redlining, of mass incarceration of black bodies, of the the corporate labor system that grew out of the cotton fields and became Amazon...grapple with that and think about how you're complicit and then what you can do to overturn it."



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